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New Dragon Ball SuperBroly Movie Trailer

There,s a new trailer for Dragon Ball Super Movie, in this trailer shows us the true back story of the sayians,This Movie is going to be different from the other movies, partially because its cannon, however theirs the fact that most part of all things we know will change, such as the fact that Son Goku was sent to earth as a baby, but in this movie his a kid when his sent off,

Is it only me or theirs no mention about Radish?



Watch trailer.

Arrow Season 7 Coming Soon

The Arrow is one of the most popular series of the CW.

Its about a man who gets him self lost in a island, where he learned how to survive, with his friend that latter on became his enemy “because of some drugs”, and with a Lady that later on died because of a choice. This is actually a long story to tell you can go and buy the full seasons and watch it, you wont regret it.

Season 7 is coming October 15th


SuperGirl Season 4 Coming Soon

The 4th season of Super Girl , Super Man Older Sister, woman with wonderful power strong as superman or maybe even more, season 5 seem to be based on Kara clone, nobody knows if its an evil clone like “Savitar” (Flash Season 3) or if its a good clone

do you know what type of clone its going to be? comment if you do. I would like to know.


super Girl season 4 will be out October 15thdownload.jpeg